After many years of organising and providing entertainers for children’s parties please let us help you by passing on our experience with some useful tips to make your party as successful as possible, most of this is common sense but sometimes parents get caught up in organising and miss some of the pitfalls that can occur when planning a party


When choosing your date avoid clashes with other events (school fairs, other parties, it would be awful to organise your party and no-one can make it. If your party is late August send reminders as people forget when they are not in school


Hang a balloon outside your house or hall. This will let your guests know where the party is and help your entertainer find your venue


Children love getting presents but don’t let them open them till they get home as they will spend time playing with the presents and could lose part of a gift, or over enthusiastic friends may break something causing upset before the party is even underway. Place a table in one part of the room and get guests to place them there when they arrive. Also if a guest arrives late with a present don’t take the birthday child away from the show as all the other children will want to look or follow. Let the late comer join the crowd and they can give their present at a later time


Keep party food as simple as possible and don’t make too much! Buffets mean the children take the biscuits and chocolates and avoid the sandwiches, you could put the nice stuff out later; a party box is often less confusing and easier to manage, putting names on boxes makes giving out boxes a slower process


Name badges are a good idea but can be difficult as everyone arrives at once, there are also several ways to spell names and Children can get upset if the spelling is incorrect. Alibarmy doesn’t need name badges and asks the children their names as he goes and jokingly always gets them wrong, Nans please remember its part of the act. 


If your party venue has restricted parking, guests often arrive late and a steady stream can still be turning up 25 minutes into the party. Advise people or have your start time 15 minutes earlier, but please remember you will need to have something arranged for the children during this period.Try to ensure if possible that an entertainer has a parking space near the venue or it may delay your party if they have to walk with equipment backwards & forwards. Unfortunately any parking charges incurred will be chargeable at cost, please do not ask me to park on yellow lines unless you are willing to pay for any parking tickets


A hall with good facilities such as kitchen, heating and parking spaces for all can make for a stress free party, but please consider that some halls can be acoustic and loud and some young children feel intimidated. Don’t forget in winter the halls are cold and little girls in party frocks with blue lips do not make such nice photos. If you are cooking in the oven don’t forget that cooking times may differ to your one at home and you generally cook for maybe 4-6 now you have 30 to cater for, cooking times may vary. A hall will usually let you have setting up and clearing up time, which you should find out about when booking the venue


Far too many parties are spoilt by going on for too long. Two hours is ideal for a really successful party for children age between 3 and 8.


There should be an adult in the room at all times to assist any child who may need the bathroom etc. 


Joint parties are a great idea. You could get together with your child’s friends and have a group party and save on cost by sharing the expense of food, hall of hire and entertainment and your child can share the fun with close friends


Ensure that your entertainer or supplier has public liability insurance and DBS checks as this will protect you and your guests in the unlikely event of any problems


Don't Forget the cake & candles, the food, party bags and of course make sure the camera is fully charged, serviettes for the cake, some wipes or kitchen roll for sticky hands, rubbish sacks and of course the Children



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